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Originally Posted by wXR View Post

It is at least mildly offensive, but bear in mind that the organization in question is simply a small group of people performing a role that they themselves see as justified, if not necessary. I don't lay the blame at the feet of individual greed. There are some who, I am sorry to say, are simply too old and fixed to concretely understand certain ideas. They may not even see themselves as community stewards, as you suggest. For them it may simply be a personal hobby which happens to have legal structure and a trickle of revenue.

There remain a few options:

1. Do nothing and continue bitching ad infinitum.

2. Remember our pirate roots, raise the middle finger high, and proceed with AmigaOS development based on the "leaked" 3.1 sources. This is a beautiful thing, but you will lose a significant number of potential developers in the mix, and you won't be able to do all the comfortable and nice things mentioned in my "GitHub User Story". Also remember that, in this case, certain people will continue paying to legitimize a proprietary approach.

3. Get an answer to the simple question, "Who actually owns AmigaOS?", And proceed, step-by-step, to liberate this motherfucker once and for all, enabling an environment where hundreds of developers can contribute their ideas to the hobby in an open, public manner that is immune to takedown requests and other tomfoolery.

As you can see, unless people en masse snap out of the hallucinationatory grip of intellectual property law, the only possible options are #1, and #3. And I am seriously sick to death of #1 already.
4. contribute to a compatible and legal open source solution till it is better or at least as good as the genuine os in all areas (which in some respects already is the case) and ready to replace it altogether.

you dont need an amiga version of a git client for it. im working with linux crosscompiler, currently gcc 6.1.0 on an ubuntu vmware on windows, and have all linux tools at hand, while i can simply copy over & test the executables under winuae.

nothing simpler than having the whole "amiga" os compiled in one go simply with configure and make. nothing simpler than sharing the work via svn.

i am a complete noob when it comes to programming in either c, c++ or asm. but i have been working now for few days to get fryingpan as contribution compiling for 68k target. and after fixing some warnings along the way it does compile now. likely the diff i have here in front of me is bigger than the changelog for these updated workbench images. i need now to debug it, but it is already partly working. thank god i can recompile for x86 and have even a gdb backtrace.

so. im tired to repeat that, but if you want its all in your hands. you simply need to lift your lower back.
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