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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
Tested, I couldn't get DHCP work with Raodshow, but it worked with static IP. Tested with IP inside of DHCP range it worked, but still not not visible to other devices. Couldn't ping Amiga, even when it was 100% sure online and internet.

Turned my Amiga OS4 machine on, changed static IP to DHCP, worked just fine and it was visible to other devices.
The test you made with the "tcpdump" command showed that broadcast traffic does not reach the Amiga connected via WLAN and the ZyXEL device. DHCP relies upon broadcast traffic to be transmitted and received by the client (that would be the Amiga running Roadshow). This explains why DHCP did not work.

I am still puzzled why broadcast traffic does not reach your Amigas. It does not look like they are connected to your home router via a bridge which transmits IP datagrams (a "layer 2" bridge). It might rather be a tunnel which only transmits UDP datagrams and TCP data.

Decided to be happy with current situation.
Well, it's your decision, of course.

Personally, I would be dissatisfied in the same situation. One ought to know how the home network works, and there should be no surprises such as the broadcast traffic issue.
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