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Originally Posted by wXR View Post

It indeed hurts the hobby. Decisions like this give no one but Olaf the opportunity to inspect the code, or to improve the code.
Small note: the Roadshow code has been in the AmigaOS4 source code repository since the project's inception, where it did benefit from review by other developers. The TCP: device handler which is part of Roadshow, for example, was reviewed and significantly rewritten by Jörg Strohmayer.

Roadshow also did benefit enormously from beta testing within the AmigaOS4 tester community. This is one of the reasons why there have been so few updates to Roadshow 68k so far: the big problems were resolved before I finally managed to get the 68k version released.

It locks people into his decisions, and also sets a precedent that proprietary software is somehow a good idea on the Amiga in 2016. Yes, one can and should certainly hold his own prerogative, but my point is simply that this model no longer benefits even the developer.
Hey, whoever wants to make money from Amiga software development is likely going to be disappointed in the long run...

Let me put it this way: the money that comes in through sales will never pay for the amount of work I put into it.

I am a very curious person (probably in more than one meaning of the word), and development of Roadshow was mostly driven by my curiousity.

The feedback from Roadshow users and of course the money that comes from sales of the product "only" validate my commitment to Roadshow, but that's quite something in its own right

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