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I really dont understand the problem with announcements in a semi "professional" manner, even if its just for a retro/hobby platform.
Hyperion is getting constant flak for not giving out information, and once they do, they get shit for that too. Same goes for AEONkit.

Yes, I found the changelog for the OS 3.1 quite lackluster, but if Olaf and ssolies indication that they plan futher updates, I could not be more positive to that fact. I dont understand why people cry bloody murder for them asking for peanuts for a update. Everyone here can read changelogs, and if its not sufficient for you to be bothered with purchasing it, then dont. Wait for the next update. Noone is forcing you at gunpoint to whip out the creditcard.

As far as people spending money on minor updates;
I purchased Cloanto WB 3.1 from Amigakit last year, and ive had plenty of use for it so far. Ive never owned that version before (had 1.3 and 3.0), and while I know I easily could find pirated versions of it on the internetz, I love to have providers that have soft/hardware readily available to returning users (like I was).
Each time I stop at a gas station I pick up junkfood that cost me more than they are asking for 3.1 versions, and Im not yelling at the clerk for that.
And then you have the argument that people that pay for current WB strains effectivly ruins any chance of progress. here has been very little progress since I left the platform in the 90s, so not sure what people is talking about.
(btw; i love the BB patches, so thanks to those that contributes to make them!).
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