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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
How many truly active 68k Amiga users are there in the world. People who actually regularly spend money on hardware and/or software?
Ill venture a guess. I say somewhere about 2000 and 3000? Any counter bids?
Lets assume a new OS version selling at €30 would sell about 2000 units. That's €60000
Realistically, a major new version would be released every 5 years.
So maybe in 10 years you'd sell two copies per active user.
Throw in some Euros for ROM updates.. You max out at maybe €150000.
1 full time dev during 10 years would cost twice as much. So 50% part time developer or 1 cheap one tops.
It doesnt exactly look like a cash cow to me.
If id make a bid for the source it would be in that ballpark.

That's the amount raised for the A1200 molds by less than 1000 ppl so I wouldn't say its impossible.

The real challenge is to pull the heads out of the source owner's asses and to sort out the bizzare and tragic legal situation.
Thanks for the reality check by talking numbers (even if just a rough estimate), effectively bringing relatively small businesses down from their Amiga delusions of grandeur, or whatever reason they have for starting the announcement with 'Brussels, October 13, 2016'.

I also agree about the real challenge, that seems to be the case.
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