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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Found Shapeshifter support here,
ah, ic - shapeshifter and fusion macintosh emulators need s alittle tool on top
of the startup-sequence, which fixes something, which is essencial for the emulators to work. this fix seems to be build into a kickstart rom, so the name extension to this rom.

Interesting find in Amiga Shell!
this looks like a valid 68040 recognized by the system, so was the result from whichamiga. aladdin is strange :/
would have been listed as 68LC040 - without FPU - i think so at least.
this is really strange.

you can try to simply switch your emulation to 68030 / 68882.
and try aladdin4d with this. i have no clue else, atm.


The zone is neat! I tried the Aladdin hdf. I thought it was an app. Also requires WhdLoad. I thought maybe if I put it in, Aladdin 4D would start working. But then I remembered I had to put it in C: of the hdf. LOL

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
this alladin is the disney game, i guess. whdload is some kind of system degrader, to make older games work on never amiga models and bigger cpus. unfortunatley this has no influence on the aladdin 4d issue
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