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Re: COP extension

Originally posted by Nyarlathotep
Some demos I downloaded from (e.g. 23c_crew-megademo.cop) have extension .COP and, looking at the header, seem XPKed with SHRI method.
I've tried to use tools taken from Aminet (PackDisk, PackX...) but they are unable to decompress the file.
Any idea?
Look more closely on Aminet.. the .cop format was produced by an old (German?) package similar to DMS (Shake Rattle and Roll or somesuch name..) but if you search for ".cop" on Aminet and download the xpk library, it will uncrunch the disk (after popping up various requestors asking you to register!)

You need the various packers/unpackers in your LIBS: directory, so either install the whole package using the Install icon, or copy the files manually.

Hope this helps.
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