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Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
The A500 has a different filter circuit to the more modern Amigas, so bear this in mind when using the filter. And true, you can't compare it to cd or sound card quality as there is no oversampling with Paula for starters, you just get the pure output. So in reality you can't really compare it to anything.
It is not so different - different is in Amiga 1000 - there is high order lowpass filter there. Every generation of Amiga has simplified filtering.

Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post
With all this test gear you're going to throw at it, and with your downsampling, I suppose there's no chance of a listening test then? :-P
I have test signals already - generated by AP software for 16 bit 32000 then resampled to 28604 in SoX - there are 3 sets of signals, 8 bit, 16 bit and 14 bit on 16 bit (16 bit audio files, volume reduced by 4 then increased by 4). All files are stereo. 8 bit are 8svx, remain are wav. In total there is over 150MB - need to check how to compress them lossless and need to upload somewhere so anyone interested can download them and play on Amiga - I assume that PC with free software may be used as audio analyzer.

And you can compare it as we comparing analog signal.
Listening tests... anyone may propose own method for subjective testing - if you have ideas on this please share it - thank you.
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