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Jim Power slowdown

This one has been a while on my list, but hadn't gotten around to making a good testcase.

There's a certain part in Jim Power that suffers from quite some bad slowdown, regardless of chipset settings.

I finally made a good savestate that makes for an easy test. It's saved just before where the slowdown will happen. The effect in the savestate isn't as bad as it sometimes is during gameplay, but it always happens - the first time - you reach that exact point in level 1.

Just load the savestate and move a bit to the right and you'll immediately notice that it slows down for a bit including the music.

This doesn't happen on a real machine and it also didn't use to happen on WinUAE. I've tested the final 3.3.0 and latest 3.4.0 beta. They both show the same slowdown at that exact point. Note that for some reason it will only occur the very first time that point is reached.

Hopefully it's possible to find what's causing this. I'll also try some older WinUAE's to see where it was introduced.

I've put the savestate in the zone just now.

Edit to add: I'm just noticing the CPU is 68010, hmmm that could be the culprit... Will do a test right away with 68000 and see if the same happens..
Edit2: Nope same slowdown happens with cpu set at 68000 (note that statefile was done with 68010).
Edit 3: slowdown happens back until at least 2.8.0 ... (in 2.4.0 savestate crashes). Strange... can't remember it happening back that far..

PS Still enjoying the hell out of the latest WinUAE beta

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