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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
@Olaf, I know your pessimism is somehow well-intentioned, but I honestly don't believe that anyone in this community has ever summoned the present-day powers of social media to do a true crowd-funding campaign for such a noble project. Whatever association you might be making I can guess was based on bounties in an extraordinarily limited context. To my earlier point about documentaries and rich interviewees, there are plenty of people with great fondness for the Amiga, going far beyond what is considered "the community".
I doubt that you could properly fund this development work by using social media. Hey, how many crowdfunded projects do you know which promised and delivered within 1-2 years of their intended target release date?

I'm viewing this as very pessimistic, because (drum roll!) AmigaOS would be a software development project. This kind of work tends to be late and underfunded. It's practically a given that this will be extraordinarily hard to pull off, even if you narrow down the scope of deliverables.

I suspect that the best one could do is try and build a small team, then figure out what it can realistically build within a year (it helps if some of that stuff has already been built and "only" needs polishing & integration) and ship whatever is stable and useful at the end of that year. Then try to repeat the exercise. This is what (sort of) worked for the AmigaOS 3.5 project and the 3.9 effort which followed it.

Planning ahead and collecting funds in advance is only going to increase the size of Damocles' sword hanging over the project. The more money thrown at it, the less likely it will succeed.

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