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Originally Posted by Heiroglyph View Post
They already have source code that could benefit us if it was adapted to 68k.
They actually don't, most of it has to be hacked, disassembled and recompiled again by knowledgeable folk like Olaf B. The leaked source is old and not entirely all you need to make this work. At least this is my impression and this is why people like Olaf, Don and Peter are working on reworking/disassembling/fixing bits of the OS little by little (see Olaf's comments above regarding intuition and graphics libraries). [edit] after reading Olaf's message above, I guess they have a bit more to work on, which is a bit of a relief (for his own sake).

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
I hope you will agree with me that at least destroying the so-called intellectual property rights via that process, would be a good thing.
Yes, 100% agree. If that is the way to go, I support it. I just don't think it'll necessary lead into a huge leap forward in regards of OS3.x and the necessary fixes and 21st century upgrades it could use.

But as you said, first things first: it would be necessary to have whoever the hell owns this sell it to the community. But honestly, with the hard time people have had in the past crowdfunding useful stuff like Amiga cases and keycaps, I find the chances of us crowdfunding the purchase of these assets a rather dim chance

Now, do I need to hire an attorney and start from scratch, or will you guys who know about the legal situation speak up?
Is there anybody that knows? I think this is so fragmented it'd be a hard enough task. I don't think even the people that tout ownership are sure of what the situation is. Ever since the ESCOM/Gateway times, this has become a confusing mess.
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