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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
As long as there's money to be made from AmigaOS (AmigaOS 4 is still developed and sold and is based on OS3.1 sources) it will never be open sourced, no matter what happens.

There have been countless threads on all Amiga forums about open sourcing it, but we need to face the facts.
Threads are just threads. Who took the first step, did the research, and then proceeded to actually get a deal going? Anyone?

I watched some of the videos from the recent AmiWest, just to get a sense of who is involved with this stuff. And honestly, I begin to get it. You've got a handful of gentlemen who seem to have done fairly well for themselves in life, and OS4 is basically their own little hobby project, a basis for their their own computer club, which is itself about computing for fun in a world of tired old standards. In other words, AmigaOS4 exists because they love some idea of what Amiga is, and because they have the time and resources to make it happen. It is not because they are evil capitalist scumfucks. My guess is that they are simply not aware of what greater good they could do by another model; they may only be superficially aware of the alternative model at all.

But anyway, what's the saying, money talks, bullshit walks? I will be first in line to plunk down, just to get this incessant ringing out of my ear once and for all.

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