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Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
Nice If I can make a couple of suggestions?

1) Fix the font spacing on windows. There's a pixel gap at the bottom but not the top > 2.x This looked better in 1.x

2) Make the aspect of some of the gadgets dynamic based on the screen mode. That way they'd look nice in 640*512 and 640*200.

3) Add bblank support on the screen mode requestor for chipsets >= ECS.

4) swap the pens used for highlight. This would allow icons to look good in 1.x and 2.x
The most I can do right now is try and bookmark your posting. You are aware that you are basically asking for intuition.library to be modified? That's going to take guts.

Just about every RTG solution (Domino, Picasso II, EGS, Retina, CyberGraphX and Picasso96 -- I think that's the whole list) plastered intuition.library with patches which would depend upon certain register configurations and internal data structures to be just so that screens and windows would come out on a graphics card rather than use the built-in Amiga custom chip set.

Modifying intuition.library (and graphics.library, for that matter) and remaining compatible with those RTG solutions will be a tall order. Not necessarily impossible, but quite hard. You know you're in trouble when the changes to be made have to be side-effect and bug-compatible :-/
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