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Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
1) Fix the font spacing on windows. There's a pixel gap at the bottom but not the top > 2.x This looked better in 1.x
"Fix"? No, then you would ruin all ASCII art!

Originally Posted by wXR View Post
I can appreciate the effort here, but every purchase of this justifies (in someone's mind) AmigaOS' continuing status as proprietary software.
Agreed, this is the biggest problem and it sucks that people think this further helps Amiga 68k development. It doesn't.

I much rather fling money to Olaf Barthel on a monthly basis for him to work on this than to Hyperion/Cloanto/Whoever the fuck for just thinking they own the goose of golden eggs (do they? Why is there SO much unwillingness to let this one go? Can't they do something better with their business?). Many know (especially wXR :P) that I am not 100% sure open sourcing is the solution to most problems and this is no exception, but I'd be happy to support with as much as I can, even if little, the work of Olaf Barthel, or similar folk, on a monthly basis, if it means the upgrade and continuation of OS3.x. It's fucking criminal that people like Don Adan are hunted down for open sourcing dos.library and things like that. Him, PeterK, Olaf B., Toni Wilen, and al other dedicated Amiga devs, THESE PEOPLE need our support, not Hyperion/Cloanto. Funnyly, these people usually give out their work for FREE, which speaks volumes about how WRONG it is to give money to Hyperion for changing a ROM and a Kickstart just to reflect they "own" the copyright (which is still unclear) and charge you for it! I mean, seriously people, did you just buy that? What is wrong with you?

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
there seems to be a lot of people who feel a very strong need to pay for updated copyright strings and a picture. The kind of people who will ensure that we will never have a Kickstart you can just use for getting UAE up and running or that software authors feel that they can't ship their software on an autobooting floppy or CD.

Every time you pay for a pointless old Kickstart, you're dooming the Amiga to greater obscurity.
200% this, it is terrible. After all , the only reason why this keeps going, it's because of people that go out and buy a Cloanto pack of ROMs or this shit that just got released with no significant updates whatsoever.

After all, the Amiga community's worst enemy seems to be the Amiga community itself. Buying this "update" is shooting ourselves on the foot. Repeatedly.

Originally Posted by Korodny View Post
Petro was a glorified accounting clerk, not a visionary tech geek that knew everything about ancient Amiga history...
I don't know why his name appeared here, but it's good to remark that the dude had NOTHING to do with Amiga history besides being an employee there. With his insider knowledge he tracked down a lost surplus of A1200s. Is that all? Good job mate, now go back to retirement and stop signing computers like if you were instrumental to their development and a rock star
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