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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
@olaf <br />
<br />
If behind Hyperion and Cloanto are rational people acting rationally (and if they are the only rightsholders), then it is just a matter of identifying a price and paying it. They can all calculate that easily, against the business they they are currently doing and their anticipation of future revenue. There can even be some agreement about a phase-out period of current business before the source release, to maintain a level of quality in customer relations.<br />
<br />
Has anyone even asked them, or have we just accepted out the gate, that it is beyond our means?
<br />
<br />
made a business offer? I do not think so. I also doubt that it is possible to collect enough money to satisfy the different parties<br />
<br />
also whom do you want to make a offer? For me the legal situation looks rather complicated. Cloanto obviously has rights, also Hyperion. The ownership was at AmigaInc. (what some doubted). Does this one-man show still exist? And if not who owns it now?

Olaf B. mentioned Pentti Kouri estate as owner... from a quick search a finance investor. How did they get the ownership? And if true bad news because everything current community would collect is small money to them. Also how many would really contribute money today for open sourceing 3.1? I doubt enough

but as I wrote go on...
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