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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
I could say it the other way round... the amiga community lacks will to support Aros to motivate developers. When Vampire team annnounced using Aros for reasons there was a even hateful reaction by many. That was also seen by developers and is hardly motivating anyone.
I can perfectly understand that. AROS is not yet a fully compatible AmigaOS, and AmigaOS and Amiga software is what most, if not everyone, presumably wanted to run on their Vampire. But anyway Olaf, saying "the Amiga community lacks the will to support AROS to motivate developers" is dangling a chain of dependencies that completely obscures the truth of what was said. AROS is not a person, AROS is a project. Plug in different nouns and see, f.e. "the Mac community lacks the will to support macOS to motivate developers". As I said, AROS could definitely benefit from strong leadership with plenty of time and fire in their eyes. AmigaOS on GitHub would doubtless become a bridge to AROS that would allow such a leader to step forward and really carry this effort into some beautiful places.
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