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Retro1234, I fundamentally share in your pirate attitude. It is how I feel as well, but some people have a soft spot for the so-called law and would like to keep their conscience clean. We have to bring those people along, or risk creating further divisions between those who will touch the "illegal code" and those who will not.

So, let's organize and try to liberate AmigaOS. Someone bought the rights, we can buy them also. As I said in another thread, this is not the 1980s. Between Kickstarter, Patreon, and GitHub, we have crazy powers of organizing both people and funds, right at our fingertips. It's initially just a matter of getting out of a certain frame of thinking, and then going step-by-step.

Who are the rightsholders right now? Who do we need to pay to gain sufficient rights over AmigaOS that we can relicense it, locking it free, forever? That's the first order of business. Can someone please paint a picture of the current, as-of-this-moment legal fiction surrounding this property?
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