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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I started replying but at some point realized that this is pointless at least at current stage of our knowledge - some data need to be collected and analysed to create some conclusions.
Sorry for your time, please All accept my apologies for this discussion - it was to early to start it - i had questions and didn't found answers yet.

Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post

You said earlier 'let's not introduce time domain problems', yet shortly afterwards you talk of downsampling to Amiga compatible rate for testing, by this I presume you mean 28836 Hz. I thought this thread was all about the quality of Paula. There is no reason not to use 44.1KHz, just use a double scan mode (play16 will require DOUBLE tooltype though). If your A500 can't open a double scan screen, you might want to upgrade it to ECS). I just don't see how you can make comparisons with cd quality if downsampling.
Downsampling (or re-sampling) has nothing to do with time domain.
Yes i will use 28604Hz (sufficiently close to nominal 28603.9919Hz) sampling rate with 16 bit samples to avoid any additional conversion on Amiga (as even in productivity closest to 44100Hz frequency is incorrect - 44336.19Hz).

I will not use any higher than standard TV scan rates(i.e. no productivity or similar video mode).

My goal is to understand capabilities of the '14 bit' audio mode and collect objective data to describe overall audio quality on Amiga.

I'm not comparing Amiga to CD as this will be highly unfair for Amiga - my intention is to use whenever it is possible techniques used for digital/analog audio measurements.

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