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Zool v1.4 is in RetroPlay's WHDLoad folder on the Amiga FTP Server (grandis).

On the PD forums they say there are a few errors in that set, I copied and pasted a bit here :-

EyeOfHorus_v1.1 Wrong version, there is no v1.1. Retroplay's MEGA folder has the correct 'EyeOfHorus_v1.0_1746'.
LeisureSuitLarry_v1.3-B_0690 it's old version of Leisure Suit Larry 3
LureOfTheTemptress_v1.4_2031 This SPS version has a game breaking bug, 'LureOfTheTemptress_v1.4' (by Retroplay) is bugfixed version.
Overdrive_v2.0_1149 dupe, have Overdrive_v2.0_Team17_1149
TimeLock_v1.0 obsolete, have v1.1
Zool_v1.3 Retroplay added missing v1.4

BurningRubber_v1.3_2MB_2181 and
BurningRubber_v1.3_AGA_2181 are the same, they both require AGA, so one can be deleted (The floppy version doesn't require AGA so incorrectly made Slave ?)
It seems that there are also a lot of duplicates/obsolete versions in that set.
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