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[QUOTE=Olaf Barthel;1116208]I feel responsible for "Roadshow", warts and everything. It has taken some 13 years to get it released for 68k machines, which represents a considerable investment of time and effort. My commitment to Roadshow is such that I will do my best to keep it in good shape, update it as needed, and provide support for it. When I am no longer able to do that, or Roadshow has outlived its usefulness, then that would be the point to walk away from it and release it as an open source project, for somebody else to care for it.

No no, I mean, why, if the source were made available, would you no longer be responsible for it? I don't get the connection. The point I am trying to make is that the lack of open source software harms the retrocomputing hobby; it does not help it. That is why I asked what would be required for you to make the source available. I am not asking "What would it take for you to drop it and stop working on it?", I am asking what would be required for you to release it under a permissive license so that many people have the option of inspecting it and working on it, if they should so choose. Before any outdated opposition is raised, please note that in the age of Patreon and Kickstarter, making the source of your TCP/IP stack available does not mean that you cannot make some money by continuing to work on it.
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