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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
The Amiga doesnt need something like the CosmosEx, when you can get a Gotek & IDE+FastRAM for half its price.

If you have A600/A1200/A3000/A4000, you already have internal IDE (or SCSI) anyway.
I have IDE + fast ram in my 500. My IDE card needs a boot floppy. The Cosmoex is a different beast from the Gotek.

It has USB joystick support, USB keyboard support, USB mice support all sans needing any drivers. It has an SD card slot plus USB mass storage. It can load floppy images over the network with wifi. It even lets you search for games then goes and fetches them for you over the net! It can map a physical drive to an SMB share with no drivers required. It can decode mp3s too with output going to the audio DMA. Pretty soon it'll be acting like a laser printer which prints over the network. It's also fully open hardware wise. You can build your own. The gotek is neat and cheap but it doesn't compare.

The media is hot swappable too. I'd very much like one of those for the 500. With the ultrasatan you can swap hard disks on SD card like floppies. I'd like that for the 500 too. Cflash on a vertically mounted IDE card is too fragile. No need on the 600 or 1200 where you have PCMCIA -> Cflash. Booting from one needs a boot floppy though Yuck. It would be nice on the 500. There's a stand alone cosmoex for SCSI. One of these days I'll hook it up to a GVP drive and see if I can get it working.

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