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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
@Olaf, was there any kind of dialogue between Hyperion and Cloanto before this was done?

I think a lot of ppl will agree its confusing to have two parallel official, but slightly different distributions of OS 3.1
If there was any contact between the two parties, I was not privy to the conversation.

I am not employed by Hyperion. My part in this strange Amiga "business" is strictly as a paid consultant, who has certain techical knowledge of the Amiga and who actually likes to develop software for it (in the little spare time I seem to have left to do so these days). Maybe I shouldn't spend so much time trying to debug the "smbfs" file system, come to think of it

This being a small market (ahem), with few parties invested in it as deeply as Hyperion and Cloanto are, I would be surprised if there was no contact, though.
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