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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Yes, I had just done that when checking in here. And yes it raised back up to 36 mhz!

68030 is giving 100 mhz speed.

But, Aladdin still isn't working. (Aladdin 4D 5.1.1021 (8.2.99))

I noticed your setup running 893 mhz!! Are you running a quad or dual processor machine?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
it is about the CPU -> JIT option. when i run without JIT i have about 30+ MHZ too.
enabling JIT gives me about 800+ MHZ. (040 emulation) - 030 gives me about 2300Mhz.
it is a quad core AMD Phenom II 3.4 GHz machine. but winuae is single thread, it does just use one CPU core.

the only "jit" related option in your and my config is "cachesize=16384" , i have "cachesize=8192"
so i guess your JIT is enabled and it should be faster, rather strange.

Image from an older winuae version, but things havnt change here, so take a look.

Originally Posted by JZon View Post
Is ppc going to do anything better? I found a online. It was a registry entry. (I tried double clicking it, maybe run as administrator?) The setup crashed (still haven't rebooted) Could be working now. (But it's for an A3000) Not sure. Will it work with my 4000 setup?

What's the best possible configuration here? A4000 with ppc? What is extended rom doing? cartridge rom? flash ram?

If I want to do this right and spare no expense, what is the 'Amiga Dream Machine' for WinUAE?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
i would skip PPC for now, first try to fix the 68k issue. there are some guide here in the forum, about how to setup ppc, i never done so far and it wont make things faster, i'm sure that

but to be prepared, goto the zone and download "" - it has all the rom files for thos expansion cards, including ppc boards. which you need, if you want the ppc emulation.

extended roms are machine specific, the CD32 came with a extended rom - for its ability to play mpg/video cds.
other amigas had not such extended roms IIRC.

Originally Posted by JZon View Post

Just realized I hadn't included the (recoverable) guru meditation error I'm getting on boot. Maybe that has something to do with this?
this guru i cannot explain, no idea - but i experience somthing like this, when i start my 040 emulation
config without JIT - it is so damn slow by itself, and i get frequently some guru before the workbench incl
a background image loads - i have to soft-reboot about 2-3 times and then the system is stable.
no idea what causes this
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