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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Not exactly sure what these two do, but if ppp-serial.device handles PPP over a modem, then this may get interesting with USB-Surfsticks again. Essentially, they behave like a modem, and they even support the Hayes AT-command set. Ever thought about supporting these? If so, I have quite some experience with them from my "Nequester" project.
My, looks like my old code so obsolete that it's useful again

I'd be happy to revive it if need be. This is the first time I read about USB surfsticks.

Is ppp-ethernet.device doing PPPoE?
Yes, it's for exclusive use with PPPoE. It's also one of the very few PPPoE implementations which do not convert asynchronous PPP frames (intended for serial links) into Ethernet frames: it natively "talks" in PPPoE frames.

Then yes, this is almost obsolete these days. It's hard to buy "modem only" units, and there is no use in giving an Amiga a dedicated xDSL line.
Yes, there is no justification for hooking up your Amiga directly to the Internet today.

But the world used to be a different place some 15 years ago, to put it mildly. An Amiga directly connected via PPPoE to the Internet would probably survive it, but likely have to use a firewall (as built into Roadshow) for protection against the noise of incessant port scans that would hit it like hailstones

For the X-Surf (10 MBit version), we created a PPPoE device some 15 years ago: It "speaks" Hayes-modem and wraps packets according to RFC 2516. It is largely useless today, but requires the stack to support "PPP over serial".

Let me know if you would like to look into "Surf stick on an Amiga" - I'm willing to donate a RapidRoad for testing. Got to talk to Chris Hodges to see if there's already support in Poseidon. And while we're at it, we should also check if USB tethering with an Android- or iPhone can be added in a similar fashion.

Blimey. And I thought the PPP work, which consumed so much of time, was in vain...
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