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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Why would it require you to abandon all responsibility for it?
I feel responsible for "Roadshow", warts and everything. It has taken some 13 years to get it released for 68k machines, which represents a considerable investment of time and effort. My commitment to Roadshow is such that I will do my best to keep it in good shape, update it as needed, and provide support for it. When I am no longer able to do that, or Roadshow has outlived its usefulness, then that would be the point to walk away from it and release it as an open source project, for somebody else to care for it.

That point has arguably been reached for the "ppp-serial.device" and "ppp-ethernet.device" drivers already which no longer are as important today as they used to be about a decade ago. I am seriously pondering releasing these as an open source project.

If anything, they could serve as useful examples of how one might create an Amiga device driver, and in particular how to create a SANA-II network device driver.

Also, there are not that many open source PPP implementations around, and one more might be helpful for somebody. My implementation, with the exception of the MS-CHAP support, was written from scratch without building upon existing solutions such as the PPP daemon created by Paul Mackerras (which has NeXTstep support, which tells you how long it has been used and developed).

Writing PPP client code is tough, in spite of the solid specifications, I can tell you...
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