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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
First I tried to do a bridge with D-Link acces point. It worked, but it shoot down every other device using WLAN. Zyxel has worked nicely. But it can't be reason for this, it is not always on. In a matter of fact is uses same power cord than my Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Atari etc. get their power.

68k Amigas are all in same power cord.
The strange network traffic limitations should have little to do with the wiring, unless the source of power is constrained, too, delivering reduced electric current to the attached devices.

Mind you, the only time I saw something like that in real life was when I discovered that the expansion card I had added to my home PC required a more powerful power supply unit. With the old power supply unit installed the system became unstable and would hang/crash. Sometimes strange system behaviour is a side-effect of hardware issues.

But we are getting off-track, I suppose.

Could you explain how your network layout actually looks like, and which ZyXEL access point model you are using? Why are you using the ZyXEL access point in the first place?
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