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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
A proof and a testimony of the speed of this hardware. And yes believe it or not, it's faster than even the ultrasatan for Atari ST.

So what's the problem ?
Problem is this: on youtube video, where Mr.Petari demonstrate video playback ( [ Show youtube player ]) on ST (with "overscan", 50FPS, 4096 colors...), you start talking about Amiga 500 harddisk speed. And keep telling that it is possible to get 3.5MB/s on Amiga... ok. nice.
but COMPLETELY ignoring fact that Amiga still would not be able to playback video at 50FPS, in hicolor (like ST does) even if it can transfer 3.5MB/s (quite doubtful with Quantum LP-52 50MB harddisk as you claim at atari-forum) and you fail to understand that image data need to be in chip ram in order be displayed on monitor.

[ Show youtube player ]

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
My bad. 5000 sold in France, and indeed 13/14000 in Europe.
"my bad"...? just like "Amiga 500 can do 50FPS in Ambermoon 3D texture in exterior and interior", like that "my bad" ?!?

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Those numbers were found by checking the Q-10 annual reports and from other sources by Jeremy Reimer.
no, he did not take numbers from 10-Q or 10-K.

doh... It is very difficult to talk with you - you made up things from thin air all the time.

Here you can read about Jeremy sources about figures: - he did not mention from where he pull number of Atari sales!
Here is Atari Corp. K-10 Form for 1989. (note that Atari Corp was not obligate to fill K-10 before 1989.!):
as you can read THERE is NO sales figure in units, only in $.

Further, in K-10 for 1989. Atari Corp. state:
"Sales of ST and PC products INCREASED by 36%, from $218.1 million in 1987 to $296.5 million in 1988."

and according to Jeremy Reimer Atari ST sales:
1987 - 400.000
1988 - 350.000
Jeremy fail to note increase of 36% from 10-K but instead he DECREASE ST sales for 15% !!!

This bring shadow over Jeremys numbers regarding ST sales!!!

Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
Atari sold these worldwide (Atari computer series from ST to Falcon) :
Again: NO !
Jeremy clearly stated that numbers are for Atari ST sales:
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