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Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
Does anyone know if there is a way of changing the text font that it uses for text screens, such as for the MS-DOS screen mode, so that it can be readable at higher resolutions than 640x200 (such as 640x480) without it only taking up the top half of the screen?

My apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I have had a look around but was unable to find anything relevant.

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
here they talk about the problem. solution maybe the command: mode co40

edit: this does work in dosbox emulator, gives a bigger fontsize.
here is a help mage for the command - co80 switches back to normal mode.
Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Mode co80 and mode co40 adjust the amount of viewable columns. 80 and 40 respectively.

This of course increases the character size, as both take up the whole width of the monitor.

Most software will force a switch back to 80 column mode, that won't solve the actual problem.
Perhaps these screen captures will help show what I'm talking about? It appears to me that PC-Task is using a CGA style text screen, instead of the higher resolution EGA/VGA text screens.

As you can see in the screen capture, it uses a fixed width and height - 640x200 - for the 80x25 character grid.

On a "real" EGA/VGA display, it doesn't use 8x8 pixel character cells.

On EGA, it uses 640×350, and each character uses a 8×14 pixel character cell, to give the 80x25 character grid.

On VGA, it's 720×400, each character using 9×16 pixel character cell to give the 80x25 character grid. won't help in this regard. This seems hard coded into PC-Task, which means that using text mode in a window on a public screen with a resolution of 400 pixels or higher makes the screen too "short", and on say an 800x600 screen, it starts to become too small to be really useful.

It would be nice to have it use the higher resolution EGA and or VGA text screen modes if available, and if the graphics adapter was chosen as EGA or better, but it appears to me that PC-Task would need to be updated for this to happen.
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