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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
How there can be more than 14 usable in Paula with calibration - please explain as you didn't explain anything.
I think the point Meynaf's trying to make is that when two channels are combined to do 14-bit, the channel that's at 1/64 volume is still an eight-bit DAC, and some of its range overlaps the range of the full-volume channel.

This means we can input 65536 unique codes into the combined DAC, rather than the 16384 that a true 14-bit DAC could accept.

It's highly likely that non-linearities in the DACs mean that the vast majority of those 65536 codes give a unique output level, and with careful calibration (that the current calibration software may well not be doing sufficiently well) it may be possible to achieve higher than 14-bit resolution, but only in very specific (and not very useful!) parts of the range.
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