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Garak on the Lemon Baord said the following:
"No, Tulip Computers _only_ owns the Commodore name and Commodore logo.

But, Gateway Computers owns all the 8-bit Commodore patents (which are expiring as we speak) and the technologies (ie Gateway owns the VIC and SID patents etc.).

As for Amiga... Gateway also owned all things Amiga including the name (not Tulip) but few years back a few people got together and bought the Amiga name and other Amiga rights from Gateway and reformed Amiga:

So, Tulip has the Commodore name/logo, Gateway owns all the 8-bit Commodore patents/technologies, and Amiga owns Amiga... it's all crazy if you ask me!

Garak" initial suspicions are correct. Tulip only own the Commodore name and logo AND NOTHING ELSE. Not even the Commodore 64! As such, they really are FULL of shit.
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