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Originally Posted by Dr.Venom View Post
(minimum reported "PeriodInFrames" 480, I guess the card would really need a driver update to support this new Windows 10 Wasapi small buffer feature).
Yeah, it seems 480 is the "old" default.

With BUF=352, is it possible to tell what the total latency approximately will be, is it 704/48000=~15ms?

WASAPI: Shared Pull CH=2 FREQ=48000 BUF=352 (704)
352 = Paula buffer size which is half the size of wasapi buffer (perhaps it should be even smaller), shared mode does not require that complete buffer is filled. There is also hidden "reservour" buffer that keeps the overflow if Paula buffer didn't fit 100%. It is normally mostly empty. (This can't happen in exclusive mode, it always uses wasapi buffer sized requests).

Value in parenthesis is wasapi buffer size.

I am not sure if I want to mess with this too much, can't really improve it much more.
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