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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
I already explained.
Two 8-bit samples give 65536 combinations. Not all of them are useful but we can get 14bit and more.
Seem you are confusing adding in register with DAC accuracy - going this way by stacking 4 8 bit DAC together we can have 32 bit audio converter...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
The 8+6 that is made isn't simple 8+6 (unless no calibration file is found).
The input is a 16-bit sample. The output is two 8-bit samples, both fetched from a table. You can call that nonlinear pre-correction if you want.
I can't really tell the theory behind this, only that it works fine.
Well i have impression that 8+6=14 however if you need to do calibration i.e. not adding 8+6 but less then you will never have 14.
By calibration you accepting fact that you have less than 14 bits useful.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
With normal volume levels you don't hear any quantization at all, as the quantization error is weak - 2bit in a 16bit sample is very quiet - and i suspect most of it will be filtered out by the hardware (after all this is just high frequencies).
Please elaborate on this - calibration make less than 14 bit usable...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Have you heard an Amiga playing 14bit ?
Have you heard 6 bit DAC or 3 bit playing? Once again there is no 14 bit audio in Amiga as after calibration you will have less than 14 bits usable, yes, i've heard Amiga in so called 14 bit mode and i have impression that this mode is somewhere between 10 and 12 bits maximum (for 12 assumption is properly made calibration with spectrum analyzer and improved power supply section for Paula).

Originally Posted by paul1981 View Post

Here's the 14-bit 'Cybersound' software enclosed in the Play16 archive. With Cybersound you can calibrate your particular Amiga, and with Play16 you can utilise that calibration via a tooltype (paula14c IIRC) and play some cd quality wavs or aiff's - read docs! The Cybersound docs explain exactly how it works, I think.
Thx Paul, will try to read, already found tool for 14 bit calibration from Christian Buchner and based on brief reading i can say that after calibration there can't be 14 bits but OK - will try read source.

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