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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
Hard to say, but this is annoying. AExplorer and netmout command has been very usefull to me. Not so nice feature is that I can't join Quake or Doom Network game started with my OS4 machine. So there is some problems with OS4 also.

I have Sam 440ep Flex wich is connected to Network with internal LAN and Zyxel Access point wich is configured to bridge.
Hang on, your home router is not providing WLAN access to your network, but the ZyXEL device is responsible for that?

Did you use the ZyXEL device before you changed the home router, or is the ZyXEL device a new addition to your network, too?

Nice thing is that I can still connect to my NAS' shares with Amiga samba. I think that there is something wich is not supported By amiga.? Everything works with Windows, shares in / out, Network/lan games etc. Every Computer is connected wireless to Router, only Amigas has problems. Only NAS and HP laserjet is connected with wire.
All Amigas use TCP/IP stacks which are technically 22-26 years old. They do most of what modern TCP/IP stacks can, but some aspects are missing (path MTU discovery, for example).

But it appears to me that the problems are less with the TCP/IP stack age and quality, and more with how the packets travel along your network.

It's puzzling for me how the packets which are used for mapping between IPv4 addresses and Ethernet hardware addresses (yes, that includes WLAN addresses as well) are generated on the Windows machine, yet they do not even show up on the Amiga side of the network.

Given that you can use your Amigas to access the Internet, but the home network is not carrying local traffic which is essential to the operations of the IP protocol, I reckon that either routing between physical networks could be the cause (wired network vs. wireless network), or a configuration option in one of the devices is not set correctly. This looks like a "software issue" to me, not like a hardware issue.
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