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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Some source code is available in the form of the Roadshow SDK, which includes (among other material) the Amiga-specific header files for 'C' language software development, as well as the full Amiga-specific source code for the utilities that ship with Roadshow. As required by the GPLv2 license, full source code for the Amiga ports of "wget" and "libpcap" & "tcpdump" is included, too. I chose not to include the "ftp" client command source code (which is derived from the same 4.4BSD-Lite2 code as the TCP/IP stack), because it's so ugly and old that probably the only purpose it could serve today would be to discourage developing "ftp" client commands in 'C'
Yeah I misunderstood what was meant when I saw "source" on your site; guess it is just the SDK. Well, a closed-source TCP/IP stack is far from ideal in 2016. What would it take toget you to open it up under a permissive license?
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