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config looks good now:

attached is my 68040 library, just copy it into your libs: folder (also referred as sys:libs )
winuae just emulates the hardware. the support library came with those cpu addon cards or came with the amiga os disks.
when the 68040.library is in libs: folder, just reboot.
if there is a 68040 cpu, the setpatch command (started in startup-sequence) will find it and activate 68040 support.

here is whichamiga and the addon to it boards.library, which gives you the info you see in the image above
whichamiga command you may have to copy into c: folder ( sys:c ) - BoardsLibrary has an installer, or you can just copy the boards.library and openpci.library into the libs: folder manualy.

btw: just in case: those *.lha archives you can extract using winrar for example.
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