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Originally Posted by Olaf Barthel View Post
Your home router appears to handle both wired and wireless traffic and it is the interface between these media. If your previous router handled the interchange of broadcast traffic between the media differently, it would explain why changing the router to the model you are using now would cause problems.

So, this could be genuine bug or limitation in the firmware, and not a feature?
Hard to say, but this is annoying. AExplorer and netmout command has been very usefull to me. Not so nice feature is that I can't join Quake or Doom Network game started with my OS4 machine. So there is some problems with OS4 also.

I have Sam 440ep Flex wich is connected to Network with internal LAN and Zyxel Access point wich is configured to bridge.

Nice thing is that I can still connect to my NAS' shares with Amiga samba. I think that there is something wich is not supported By amiga.? Everything works with Windows, shares in / out, Network/lan games etc. Every Computer is connected wireless to Router, only Amigas has problems. Only NAS and HP laserjet is connected with wire.
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