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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
Tested tcpdump -i prism2 -s 0 -e -vvv

Nothing. I runned scanner and it didn't found my 68k amigas. It does found my OS4 machine, wich has also a static IP.
Well, but then your OS4 machine is probably using an Ethernet link, isn't it? These "tcpdump" options should have shown broadcast traffic, which is what the LAN scanner program uses to find servers. If no responses to these broadcast queries arrive, then the LAN scanner will not bother to perform further checks on the IPv4 address in question.

To be sure that tcpdump works, I runned iBrowse to see what happen and it caused a lots of text to shell window.

Note that I do not belive that this has very few to do with roadshow or ami tcp. Just thinking that this is very weird.
It appears to me that the Amigas which use the wireless network do not share broadcast traffic with the wired network.

The LAN scanner program which you used would send the network queries as broadcast packets, which explains why the Amigas could not respond to them. The question now is, of course, why the broadcast packets are not showing up.

Your home router appears to handle both wired and wireless traffic and it is the interface between these media. If your previous router handled the interchange of broadcast traffic between the media differently, it would explain why changing the router to the model you are using now would cause problems.

I have Access to my home router, it is Huawei 4g modem. There is very little settings inside of it, comparet to my previous DSL modem.
So, this could be genuine bug or limitation in the firmware, and not a feature?
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