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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Switch off all filter options. "no scaling". Not default or anything else.
hmm, it is about the window size. Display -> Windowed
when i start with 800x600 OpalVision works.
when i resize the window to maybe 814x616 OpalVision loosing its colors.
if i reduce the window size again, OpalVision is colored again.
windows size of 458x346 is also without colors.

test done with the config above.

can you reproduce that?

#1) but all depends on Filter [mask] [no overlay available] [no scaling]
if no scaling is enabled, Opalvision works , no matter what window size i use.

#1) yep, thats it, thanks for all help

#2) one more: if you switch in Filter from [no scaling] to [Manual] it still works.
but you now also get a scaled display, if you make the emu-window larger - better for those old eyes

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