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Originally Posted by wXR View Post
Hi Olaf,

I never tried a TCP/IP stack on the Amiga before, and this looks like a good opportunity. Thanks for your efforts. One question though, where is the source repository for Roadshow? I didn't find it linked from your web site.
The source code repository for Roadshow resides on a private server which I maintain all by myself. Although the code is built upon the open source 4.4BSD-Lite2 TCP/IP stack, Roadshow and its parts are a commercial, closed source project. It's probably one of the last few Amiga software projects of its kind.

Some source code is available in the form of the Roadshow SDK, which includes (among other material) the Amiga-specific header files for 'C' language software development, as well as the full Amiga-specific source code for the utilities that ship with Roadshow. As required by the GPLv2 license, full source code for the Amiga ports of "wget" and "libpcap" & "tcpdump" is included, too. I chose not to include the "ftp" client command source code (which is derived from the same 4.4BSD-Lite2 code as the TCP/IP stack), because it's so ugly and old that probably the only purpose it could serve today would be to discourage developing "ftp" client commands in 'C'
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