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Originally Posted by utri007 View Post
LAN is
Subnet mask is
GW is
DHCP pool is
Amigas are .41 and .42

I do use your samba port all my networked amigas. Two 68k/OS3.9 and one PPC/OS4

Note everything worked before router change. I just got one theory, would i be possible, that router requires it to be used as a dns? Amigas use google public dns servers.? Need to test it.
I consider this unlikely. You stated that the LAN scanner program could not find the Amigas, and all of this without resorting to DNS-based name resolution in the first place. Samba conveniently side-steps the DNS issue because it uses its own NetBIOS-based name resolution process.

I used Roadshow some days and then reverted back to Genesis. Bought it mostly for support reasons. GUI just makes things easier.

I can reinstall it, or is so that I just removed it from DEVS?
You may reinstall and try it as many times as you like. There are no hidden pitfalls (and none in plain sight either). The only limitation which the demonstration version has is in that it will shut down operations after having been active for a while.

As for removing the demonstration version: the installation script can be used to uninstall the software cleanly (save for the stub added to the "S:User-Startup" script, but that could be done manually with little effort).

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