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Originally Posted by ExiE View Post
"specialized decoder (not the real sound-) card..."
An unfortunate choice of words. We already said its not a sound card. Maybe people find it easier to call it that.

Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
It's a bit of a stretch to call it a proper soundcard ey? Its more of a co-processor for encoding / decoding *specific* audio formats.
But, yea lets not nitpick.. ;-)

Anyway, I don't get the following.. The clockport version requires a A1200 Tower? (I Read it on Wiki page)
First of all, if its targeted at A1200 Tower users, why not a PCI (Mediator) version. And secondly.. card seems small, seems to me you could fit it in a regular A1200 with a proper connector / adapter to the clockport, no? (Maybe the Wiki is outdated?)
Its a mistake. The press release clearly shows the A1200 Desktop backplate. Think he ment A4000, as they had some setup for bigbox Amiga's with them.

Originally Posted by Overflow View Post

I got MAS Player on my A1200, and are quite happy about with it.
But Im curious about the difference in performance/quality while used with for example Hippoplayer, AmigaAmp, etc

Also, will it be able to play mp3s at higher bitrate than MAS player without causing lag?

I got a V600 too, which plays mp3s flawlessly, but for games and demos (nonRTG) I use the A1200.
If there is sufficient performance differences and features Prisma vs MAS, I might consider upgrading.
It works find here on a non expanded A1200, without any slow downs, regardless of what your doing.
Is able to play higher quality without issue, unlike mas player which can struggle in some situations.

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