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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Updated. Now if shared mode and requested buffer size is >= 10ms (Pre-Windows 10 default WASAPI buffer): use normal AudioClient->Initialize(), if < 10ms requested (currently only if buffer 1/2, possibly 3 too or new "min" option), AudioClient3->InitializeSharedAudioStream() is used.

"Min" buffer option added that selects smallest driver supported buffer size.

WASAPI buffer scale adjusted: for example size 5 now is old buffer size 4 and so on. Pull mode is much more stable than push, there is now less need for very big buffers.

It "sounds" like exclusive mode is not really needed anymore unless you want absolutely smallest latency possible.
Sounds great. Would love to give this a spin, was winuae.7z already meant to be updated also? (Last one is from last Sunday..)
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