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You think 11-12 bit audio sounds the same as 16-bit audio to the average user? I'd say this very much depends on the users' hifi system (or lo-fi system if one can't tell the difference between 12-bit audio and 16-bit). I tested 14-bit audio 20 years ago on the Amiga and it was 14-bit then, and it still is now! Listen to song fade outs or quiet sections or classical music (being as classical music is the most dynamic music available) and you'll plainly hear the extra resolution which is leaps and bounds beyond 8-bit....sounds a lot like 14-bit to me. Of course, I'd expect a proper calibration to have taken place first which takes about 30 or more minutes to do properly. It really is quite exciting to hear the better quality audio from good ol' 1985 Paula ;-)
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