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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
Aren't they all going to do basically the same thing, take over most of the Amiga and replace with it's own architecture?
The current Vampire works just like an old-fashioned accelerator combined with an RTG board. You could have all this 25 years ago, but the Vampire is just faster in all aspects. It doesn't 'take over' much of the Amiga - basically only the CPU. If/when they implement SAGA, then it could take over the ECS chips, although it would probably be possible to select whether to use ECS or SAGA (or they would run in parallel).

The planned standalone Vampire is of course a different matter. For this version, they obviously need to implement then entire Amiga chipset in the FPGA.

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Time to clear the air a bit, The v500+ board has been submitted for fabrication today, it has same features as the v500, same ram as v600 and will also host an 8 pin IO header for expansion. Several people have already expressed interest in adding a Wifi header to it so things are looking good.
We expect a lot of orders to be completed by xmas.
Great news. Looking forward to seeing the V500 become available for the masses.
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