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Originally Posted by apex View Post
great work, just promoted it on a1k again.
Many thanks. I don't speak german, so I rarely enter there, but I know for sure that there is really interest on this in Germany, just for the amount of visits to the site.

That's why now I also attach a video. It won't be the best video, but it shows you that this isn't only -at all- for a real Amiga with few colors. That was years ago, now it is a distro that allows you on WinUAE with MorpheuZ and then selecting "Better Config" to switch for example to AfAOS in seconds and then you can return again with Better Config to an AGA or RTG setup.

Better Config isn't thought -at all- to be used in a real Amiga as it changes a lot of configurations: RTG or AfA or SuperPlus... So you better use it on WinUAE just like I make in the video. MorpheuZ will tell you about that as you can see.

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