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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
true, but i don't intend to do any of these things and i've still got no objection to 1Gb of RAM! Why not! Pile it on, the more the merrier!

Besides, RAM is so cheap these days, 1Gb isn't really very much so it's probably not going to add much to the cost. 32Mb might even be more expensive!
I'm with you... stack it up while it's cheap. Not many will want to use their Amiga's to replace their PC but there are enough people that enjoy the challenge of trying to write software to perform modern tasks. If the Amiga could display all websites correctly with java and html5 etc and had enough grunt to play HD video and stuff along those lines... I could happily stop switching my PC on as I don't use it for games or anything else the Amiga couldn't do.
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