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Originally Posted by zerohour1974 View Post
Its an emulated core not an actual 060 so if you can emulate an FPU in say WinUAE then it should be possible to emulate one with the FPGA
Please don't open Pandora's box... There's already a 20 page thread with ppl arguing if FPGA is emulation or not.

In any case, the most un-controversial interpretation of the v1200 as I understand it is this:
*Same Cyclon III as the previous models.
*DDR3 RAM, probably 1 GB
*Expansion port for future upgrades (possibly faster FPGA)

The core with full FPU is referred to as "Platinum" and the FPU will be a 040 FPU clone, but likely with some tweaks.

GPU is unlikely but the higher bandwidth memory will allow for higher resolution in combination with full 24-bit color.

Some sort of 16-bit Audio is likely. Probably with audio out through HDMI.

AGA core has obviously been announced but exactly what we will get (exact or improved) in the end is up for discussion I guess..

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