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Originally Posted by Signman View Post
The only A500 ones I see are on Ebay going for over $600 $700.

Aren't they all going to do basically the same thing, take over most of the Amiga and replace with it's own architecture? Seems like keyboard and ports, power are all that is left. If that is true, use a 500 .
In the end maybe. But so long the A500 and A600 versions don't do AGA I'd prefer to give my A1200 a boost. Once they have the AGA perfectly implemented in the A600 version, I will probably sell my A1200 on the spot.
I like the A600 form factor over the A1200.

So long AGA is not in the 500/600 version I would have liked the lean mean upgrade of ~250 euro in my A1200. I now have 32MB in my 1200. Never had any need for more. The recipe of the CPU boost and the RTG are great as they are. Who needs 1G and a GPU? For what software? I don't see the purpose really.

That is why I think it is a pity they go in the direction it seems to go and was rather hoping for one similar as the 600/500 version for a similar price.
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