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Powersaving will lose if other choice is better sound stability or latency..


I'll try hybrid solution: keep default latency (No calls to InitializeSharedAudioStream) until configured buffer size is about same or lower than DefaultPeriodInFrames and the smaller the buffer, the smaller the PeriodInFrames value gets.


btw, InitializeSharedAudioStream documentation is incorrect:

"Periodicity requested by the client. This value must be an integral multiple of the value returned in the pDefaultPeriodInFrames parameter to IAudioClient3::GetSharedModeEnginePeriod. PeriodInFrames must also be greater than or equal to the value returned in pMinPeriodInFrames and less than or equal to the value of returned pMaxPeriodInFrames."

"pDefaultPeriodInFrames" should be "pFundamentalPeriodInFrames".

EDIT: Something done. Also calling IAudioClient2::SetClientProperties(). (If it does something)

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