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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Try running a 14-bit calibration program. Then you will see that it's not only nonlinear, but it is also different from one machine to another.
What i don't know is why the characteristics are the same (or very very close) for left and right outputs.
PWM by definition of PWM is linear - real DAC is completely different topic and as such it was my curiosity what is non-linearity of 8 bit DAC used in Paula.

(After buying Vampire 500 definitely will try measure Paula with audio analyzer).

And your feedback just confirm my impression that in real life all those 14 bit tricks with stacking two 8 bit DAC is more close to 10 than 14 bits...

(i assume that it should be possible to partially compensate some nonlinearity but this require self calibration and not ear but some decent ADC in feedback loop - this is how some modern DAC perform self calibration - quite common in RF )
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